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Your Mission: To get each color SpreadPath eyeball to its matching color tile. Press [SPACEBAR] or Mouse Click a creature to make all the creatures with Petals spread. Those eyeballs without petals cannot spread down any path. Mouse Click buttons to open or to close spreadpath. Closed Buttons, creatures don't spread over them. Portals are connected in a mysterious way, use them to spread path. Mix a red SpreadPath creature and a blue SpreadPath creature to produce a purple SpreadPath creature. Water drops change the color of the SpreadPath creature who drinks it. SpreadPath creatures don't spread over a stone. Move it to control spreadpaths. Drag empty bridges through water. Spreadpath creatures don't spread over water, but they can spread on bridges. You cannot move bridges with Spreadpath creatures on them. Click on a bomb to explode it. Bombs destroy all the SpreadPath creatures in its neighboring cells. Portals have the power to double things, like stones.

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